CPD encourages people to turn in their wanted ex-Valentines

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – While some people may get flowers and chocolates for Valentine’s Day, others may get a knock at the door from the Columbus Police Department.

The CPD had a special message for some rejected Valentines.

But things might be looking up at the courthouse for others.

Valentine’s is a day to celebrate love, but some people’s luck has run out when it comes to relationships.

The Columbus Police Department decided this year they would sprinkle a little salt on the candy hearts.

In a Facebook post, they encouraged those who might have an ex with outstanding warrants to reach out to the department and share the ex’s location.

Columbus Police Chief Joseph Daughtry said the post has proven popular.

“Now it’s going really well. We’ve already gotten some calls about some people for warrants. We are looking into it and we went to two locations and they’re not there so it’s really for fun but also we are serious about what we do. It’s one of those things about using crime stoppers about being anonymous it’s just another way of getting our message out there,” said Daughtry.

And while Daughtry put out the post for fun, he said it has gotten some serious results, registering over 800 shares.

“When I sent it to our city PIO to put it on our Facebook page. I thought it would be fun to put a smile on people’s faces. I didn’t know it would take off like this,” said Daughtry.

If you are one of those who are a little luckier in love and have found that special someone to settle down with, your numbers are growing.

The number of people getting married in Mississippi has increased by 1% since 2011.

However, that’s not true for every county in the state.

Oktibbeha County Circuit Court Clerk Tony Rook said they give out about five marriage licenses a week but it seems like the amount they give out each year is dropping.

“We’ve seen a pretty significant decrease in the past five years. In 2017, we had about 350 marriage licenses that were issued by our office but last year we had 130 so we’ve seen a pretty steady decline in the last five years,” said Rook.

So, Cupid, it looks like you have some work to do in the Golden Triangle.

If you’ve been hit by cupid’s arrow, all you need is $37, an ID and to be 21 years of age to get a marriage certificate.

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