Dangerous Heat Continues Today; Barry Likely To Form In Gulf.

Watching The Tropics

TODAY: Dangerous heat yet again today. Temperatures top out in the mid to upper 90s, with a heat index between 105° and 110°. A few lucky spots will see an afternoon shower or storm which could bring the temperature down temporarily, but most of us will simply bake in the summer sun. Temperatures will drop overnight into the mid 70s, but the high humidity will keep things pretty uncomfortable.

THURSDAY: The heat continues, but may not be quite as extreme. Highs in the low to mid 90s with the heat index still in the 100s. Scattered showers and storms, mainly in the afternoon and evening.

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FRIDAY-MONDAY/TROPICS: A disturbed area of weather in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico this morning is likely to develop into a tropical depression, and then ultimately likely to develop into what will be Tropical Storm Barry by the end of this week. This storm will trek west through the Northern Gulf, likely to make landfall around the Louisiana coast, although everyone with interests along the coastline from Galveston to Pascagoula should continue to closely monitor any changes in track. For our area, this will likely lead to some increased rain chances and decreased temperatures as we end this week and start next week. There is still fairly high uncertainty how MUCH more rain we get from this system though, and whether or not we could see a spin up tornado threat from this system as it moves inland. Once Barry gets more organized in the gulf, our forecast should get a bit clearer so be sure to check back often for more updates.