David Cox Trial

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NEW ALBANY, Miss. (WCBI) – The verdict is in. David Cox’s fate in known for the shooting death of his wife.

The jury finally reaches a verdict after a week long of distributing evidence to decide whether David Cox should or should not receive the death penalty.

After an hour of deliberation the jury came up with a verdict…the death penalty.

“It’s just for the crime and I think he got what he deserved,” says Benny Kirk.

“Kim got her justice, maybe the kids can rest they’re scared . They’re terrified of him and maybe they can at least relax that he is gone, he is not here and I think that will help at least give them closer,” says Melody Kirk.

“Very satisfied I thought the jury made the most appropriate decision under the circumstance,” says Ben Creekmore.

41 year old David Cox plead guilty to the shooting death of his wife Kim Kirk Cox and a jury of his peers handed down his sentence. The Kirk family was patient through the entire process placing their trust in system; which brought justice to their family.

“We have been waiting two and a half years for this and maybe we can at least go on with our lives and raise the children and go forward from here,” says Melody Kirk.

The state prosecutor that has been helping with the case says he is expecting great things for the family in the future.

“This family is not defined by what this man did to them or tried to do to them. They’re so strong and I have no doubt that they will continue to thrive in all they do, especially the children,” says Creekmore.

The family knows the recovery process will still take some time, but is grateful for the all the men and women who put hard work into bringing the family justice.

“Could not asked for a district attorney’s office to work any harder than they did on this case. They put so many endless hours into this that we don’t ever know how to thank them and we appreciate it so much it’s been a long road and it’s been hard,” says Melody Kirk.

The official sentencing date will be November 26th in the New Albany Court house.


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