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OKTIBBEHA CO., Miss. – (WCBI) Without water, a firetruck is useless. When a blaze breaks out, the volunteers with the East Oktibbeha Fire department have figured out an efficient way to maintain a steady water supply.

It happens to involve the tanker, the pumper, a piece of equipment that reminds you of a swimming pool, and little bit of man power. One safety valve, and the tanker dumps water into the dump tank. It takes about three minutes to complete the process.

Once the tanker has been emptied, volunteers then seek water sources to refill its massive tank. One of the most obvious is a fire hydrant. Using a 50 ft. dry hose as the connector, pressure is created when the valve on the hydrant is released.

Then the cycle begins again. For the volunteers of Oktibbeha County, using teamwork to preserve property and save lives is just one more day in the life.

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