Deadly shooting investigation: What happened at Club Oasis?

WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI) – Club Oasis is closed. That’s where the deadly nightclub shooting happened over the weekend.

The Clay County Board of Supervisors heard from the owner.

We are also learning a little more about the shooting.

The owner of Club Oasis declined an on-camera interview saying he wanted more information about the deadly shooting.

However, that isn’t slowing county leaders from keeping this place locked up.

Elmer Harris stood before the Clay County Board of Supervisors on Monday morning, giving remorse for the death of 20-year-old Taleese Chandler.

He also said there were 14 security guards at Club Oasis the night of the shooting.

“We want to know how these weapons got on the premises with that much security, and we know things can happen true enough. It gives you a sense of comfort knowing this much security was available, and yet this still happens,” said Sheriff Eddie Scott.

The nightspot was closed by the emergency order of Scott. Harris also volunteered to shut the doors.

Board of Supervisors President RB Davis said the county wants to strengthen its nightclub ordinance and so does Scott.

“Well right now, we discussed with the Board of Supervisors the situation that’s happened and some of the issues that we are facing in there. Right now, they are looking at legal options as far as dealing with this particular club. The owner did stand up this morning and address the Board of Supervisors and said he is voluntarily going to close the club down. As of right now, I have it closed. And I’m going to continue to have it closed because it is a crime scene. Until we finish our investigation, no one is allowed back on that property,” said Scott.

Hundreds of people were inside Club Oasis when shots rang out. WCBI is told at least some of the security personnel were armed.

As of Monday, only a few of the 12 victims were still in the hospital.

“The promoter and the club owner are the ones that sponsored the event. So, we definitely had some questions from them from the get-go about the security guards. And they did have 14 security guards that were working,” said Scott.

Deputies have been interviewing witnesses and victims. They’ve learned many of the people at the event were from out of town. Other law enforcement agencies are also working to help solve the case.

“We have a lot of help in this thing, we have West Point Police, Mississippi Highway Patrol, ATF, all these agencies and homeland security coming together. Right now even though the totality of it was huge, we are starting to hone in on information coming in that we think will be really helpful in solving this case,” said Scott.

Scott believed this situation could have been much worse. He also said as this investigation continues on, he wants to know why someone would start shooting inside a crowded nightclub.

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