Death row inmates confessions may lead to his sister-in-law’s remains

PONTOTOC, Miss. (WCBI)- Investigators believe a death row inmate’s confession sheds new light on a 14-year missing person’s case.

During a press conference Monday, First Circuit District Attorney John Weddle says David Neal Cox, a long-time suspect, is responsible for his sister-in-law, Felicia Cox’s disappearance.

Three years after she went missing, David Cox pleaded guilty to killing his wife, Kim Cox, and sexually assaulting his stepdaughter.

He was sentenced to death in 20-12 and executed on November 17th of this year.

On October 26th, Cox provided an admission of guilt for his sister-in-law going missing.

Before his execution date, Cox agreed to waive his attorney-client privilege after his death.

This allowed attorneys with the Office of Capital Post-Conviction Counsel to disclose the alleged location of Felicia Cox’s body.

“We have contacted experts in Archeology and Anthropology with Mississippi State University to assist in the search and recovery if located,” said Weddle. “We would like to stress that locating the remains of Felicia Cox is not a foregone conclusion. We are hopeful the information is accurate and recovery efforts will be successful so Felicia’s family may give her a proper burial.”

Felicia Cox’s remains are being searched for in Pontotoc but the details of the location will not be released at this time.

David Neal Cox is the only suspect believed to be involved in her disappearance.


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