Deer processing business starts first season under new ownership

"Our coolers are full right now and we can't take any more deer at the moment."

LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – It’s hunting season in Mississippi and recent cold snaps have made the deer active, keeping deer processors booked and busy.

Whether it’s your first deer of the season or you are a frequent customer, processors are looking to serve up quality meats.

While it may not be their first season in business, Fork N Road Deer Processing is reloading under new ownership. Owner Triston Garnder says so far the season is looking promising and low temperatures are helping them keep the freezer full.

“At the beginning of deer season, we were kind of still learning things. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff that I didn’t know. We had some hiccups here and there but now we are rolling full steam. Ever since the cold snap deer have been coming in like crazy. Our coolers are full right now and we can’t take any more deer at the moment,” Gardner said.

Business Manager Larry Shirley Jr. said after you drop off your deer it’s up to them to put the perfect recipe together

“I just love seeing my customers smile. I love giving them a quality that they not gonna find in a lot of places and they know when they are bringing their meat here they are getting their meat back,” Shirley said.

The deer is tagged with a number that will stay with it throughout the entire process.

Once it’s finished hanging in the freezer it’s time to grind, cut, and squeeze into the meat desired.

” Everything they showed us to do we still keep the tradition going. From the breakfast sausage to the burger and everything that we do it’s all done with love and care,” Shirley said.

Gardner said he is thankful for the season they have had so far and is looking forward to continuing serving up fresh meat to your fork.

” Right now we are going to try and keep the basics. If it’s not broken don’t fix it. Mr. Jack and them have run a great business here so we are going to just keep it the same but in the future, we do intend to grow. Maybe open up another branch somewhere else,” Gardner said.

Fork N Road will continue processing until February.

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