A Different Habitat For Humanity Project

LOWNDES COUNTY,Miss.(WCBI) –  If you hear hammering and see volunteer construction crews that’s because Habitat for Humanity Volunteers are hard at work.

On this Columbus street corner, Habitat volunteers are doing exactly what you wouldn’t expect.

“We feel like we are making a contribution, even though this is not a build it is a way we can serve the community,”said Neighbor Pamela Arnold.

Building up the community by tearing down.

“We are taking it apart pretty much board by board,”said Arnold.

Lowndes Habitat For Humanity Executive Director Kathy Arinder says this is the new trend and much of the material doesn’t go here.

“There’s now a market for the material,”said Arinder.

Plenty of people are willing to dig deep, for original material from historic homes, this, likely more than a century old.

Proceeds, up to $20,000 worth for a house like this, go to habitat.
While what could become an eyesore for neighbors like Pamela Arnold, comes down.

“It’s better that it’s something because it’s not good to have an empty abandoned house, in any community,”said Arnold.

If you’re wondering why i haven’t mentioned who these volunteers are, it’s because the company they work for doesn’t want to be. Because good deeds are often better without notoriety.

The Annunciation Catholic Church owns the property. The priest there tells us they’re not sure what they’ll do with the vacant lot. The neighbor says she wants to see a park there.The Habitat director says crews should finish there within two or more weeks.

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