Environmental disaster relief following a storm

Mississippi State University hosts disaster relief conference

MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIVERSITY, Miss. (WCBI)- When a natural disaster strikes, most people and businesses turn to their insurance carriers to help them rebuild but what about rebuilding the environment?

That was the topic of discussion at a conference hosted by Mississippi State University’s Department of Sustainable Bioproducts.

The Disaster Resilient Food Energy Water Systems Workshop – or DIRE FEWS – brought researchers together to discuss how to help repair damage to things like forests, waterways, and water supplies after disasters such as hurricanes, and how to improve their ability to weather future storms.

“We can plan for disaster responses, and we can work together and make improvements on how we respond to disasters,” said Beth Stokes for MSU Forest and Wildlife. “So, by getting the word out about groups like this who are interested in doing this type of research. then we feel like we have a better opportunity to serve the citizens of the region.”

Researchers from MSU – Southern University in Baton Rouge and Texas A and M participated in the conference.

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