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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- One house on 2nd Avenue North has had its share of unexplained phenomena: Bizarre images, door knobs turning with no one on the other side.

Cynthia Waites remembers recording video outside her home last spring when her mother noticed something eerie standing on the front porch.

“It was a pretty morning and I wanted to walk around the house and get some pictures of spring when the azaleas were blooming. So i walked around and didn’t think anything of it. Later my mom said, ‘Did you see this on the video?’ I said, ‘No, what is it? She said ‘There’s something on the video’ and showed it to me. We looked at it several times and said how did that happen?” said Waites.

They believe it’s the image of a man in gray. And this isn’t their first time experiencing paranormal activity.

Cynthia’s mother Helen Wright bought the house with her late husband back in 1973. She’s felt a strange presence around her, ever since. One night, in particular, stands out.

“If i was doing something I felt like somebody was there. I had gone to bed and at that time, I was laying on my side and I felt a hand on my back, upper part of my back. And i laid there with my eyes closed and the hand moved down the side of my back. And then I turned my head, opened my eyes and that was it,” said Helen Wright.

To see if there’s really something going on we brought in an expert. Shanda Murff is a ghost investigator with Amory’s Paraqwest. It takes a lot for her to believe, but after looking at the video and listening to their accounts, she thinks there may also be someone or something in the house.

“I tend to be more of a skeptic than I guess a true believer. I try to prove or disprove, you know i want to see some evidence. But knowing the history of the house and the surrounding area, it would be a prime spot for energy and activity to occur,” said Murff.

Whatever the image is, Cynthia and her mother don’t feel threatened.

“Whoever it is, it’s not here to hurt anybody. I don’t feel like they’re here to hurt anybody,” said Wright.

So for now, they’ll continue to live in harmony with their friend, from the other side, who they now can see very clearly.

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  • Raul Rodriguez

    This was an awesome story! Pretty spooky stuff too.

  • jessica

    Of course there is no picture/pictures or anything. Anybody can say that their house is haunted. Why no proof? Probably because people here in columbus will do anything and everything for attention

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