Donald Trump VP Pick Local Reaction

COLUMBUS, Miss.(WCBI)—Though trump is giving people a realistic glimpes at what the 2016 republican ballont may look like… some people feel he could have selected a better  running mate. we caught up with some residents to see how they felt about his selection.
david owens from Dothan, Alabama says,”
I’m not really sure Donald Trump picked the right running mate.”

Brandy Davidson from Columbus, Mississippi says,”
I gotta say this…it wouldn’t matter…there’s no way.”

Joel Pardudsky from Columbus, Mississippi says,”
I would have picked Bob Kerry…but…he used to be in Nebraska…I grew up in Nebraska…but hey he can pick who he wants…I don’t know that guy from Indiana.”

Sheila Aldridge from Dothan, Alabama says, “Yes I do…I think he picked the right V.P. and he picked the one he wanted.”

Caleb Dickerson Columbus, Mississippi says,”I don’t think it matter who he picked he’s going to lose.”

Randal Aldridge Dothan, Alabama says, “I’m not for sure …I probably would have picked Newt..but he is what he is he’s a lot smarter man than I am so…”

Donald Trump along with his new running mate Mike Pence will make their next appearance at the republican national convention starting Monday the 18th.


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