Early preparation for severe weather is important

Severe weather is a term the Golden Triangle is fairly familiar with.

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- Severe weather is a term the Golden Triangle is fairly familiar with.

Emergency agencies urge families in their community to prepare early when there’s a threat of inclement weather.

Lowndes County EMA Director Cindy Lawrence said twisters have a large risk on the community.

“The major threat for Lowndes County is a tornado. Yes we can have a chemical leak from the industries or flooding, but the number one event that I’ve seen since her in my 21 years is a tornado,” said Lawrence.

When conditions are favorable in the area; the department notifies local schools and businesses so citizens can prepare a safety plan.

“Not only do you sit down and devise a plan you actually exercise it to make sure the plan works in case you do have an event here in Lowndes County,” said Lawrence.

If a tornado is near, sirens are used to alert the community, and Lawrence said technology is a helpful aid.

” There are so many types of weather apps that you can actually download for free and everybody almost carries a cell phone around in their hand so just download and app because if there is severe weather in our area then it will come on your phone or purchase a noel weather radio,” said Lawrence.

EMA Directors across North Mississippi, are working to keep families safe when there’s potential for severe weather.

Lawrence and other EMA directors said they are thankful that damage was minor and encourage families to know where and how to get to their safe place when the time comes.

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