Education Secretary Calls For Repeal Of Anti-LGBT Laws

BOSTON, Mass. (AP) – Education Secretary John B. King Jr. says laws in North Carolina and Mississippi that restrict the rights of transgender Americans are hateful and should be repealed.

King spoke Monday at the Education Writers Association national conference in Boston.

Asked about laws in the two states, King said they’re hateful and that gender identity should be protected.

He added, “My hope is legislators will realize they’ve made a terrible mistake.”

He’s calling for the state legislatures to repeal the laws.

The North Carolina law requires transgender people to use bathrooms corresponding to the gender on their birth certificates in state government buildings and public schools and universities. Last month, President Barack Obama called for the law to be overturned.

The Mississippi law allows religious groups and some private businesses to deny services to same-sex couples and transgender people. It takes effect July 1.

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