End of the storm, return of the sun

COLUMBUS, Mississippi (WCBI)- Overnight, showers and storm rolled through northern Mississippi. For the most part, rain showers have continued while the storms have moved on to the southern half of the state. Good news, the sun will be making a grand appearance soon!

WEDNESDAY NIGHT: The rain is expected to continue on through most of the late afternoon and evening. As the cold front continues moving in from the West, the system as a whole will move on to the East later tonight. Temperatures tonight are going to be able to drop into the upper 30s, once the heavy cloud coverage moves out and the colder air moves in.


THURSDAY/FRIDAY: Sky conditions are going to become much lighter from overnight Wednesday into Thursday. The sun will return! Rain chances fall all the way to 0% too. High temperatures will reach into the low to middle 50s. Overnight low temperatures will fall into the middle 30s.


WEEKEND: Temperatures are going to take another drop into the weekend. High temperatures are expected to be in the upper 40s. Sky conditions are going to be staying sunny and without any rain! Low temperatures are also going to take another drop, into the middle to upper 20s! Time to bundle up again!

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