Ever-shifting workforce makes way for the rise of entrepreneurs

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Working hard or hardly working is the question for our ever-shifting workforce.

One business owner sees the shift as part of a greater awakening.

2021 was the beginning of the great resignation, and still, in 2023, employers are looking for workers to fill empty positions. And Columbus businessman Joe Baldwin said some workers are working for themselves.

Many businesses need and want workers, yet the question remains: Where are the workers?

Joe Baldwin, CEO of Exclusive Clothing and Sideline Sports, said workers are working for themselves to provide a better lifestyle.

“I think is the entrepreneur era, you know, which a lot of people are taking upon themselves to give them some security through jobs, that they create themselves using their talent,” Baldwin said.

Baldwin is no stranger to hard work. He’s a former ironworker with an aspiration for financial freedom.

So, Baldwin started small selling clothes out of his car on the side, yet he said the traditional job paid his bills until his dream became a reality.

“Well, continue to work because, see, at the same time, we all got to provide a living for our families. You know, I mean for our sales, nevertheless continue to work, but if you got something, you know, a dream, you know, you can do that on the side,” Baldwin said.

Baldwin said before you plan your workforce exodus, learn all you can before working for yourself.

“Learn how to manage your own time to get to work on time from the start, you know, you can get to somebody else job, you can get to your job,” Baldwin said.

The Columbus businessman said there are programs and money available to help people start their businesses but you have to be willing to find them.

Working as an entrepreneur doesn’t come without challenges, Baldwin said you should embrace those tests.

“I love it. I love the challenge, you know, and then just being able to overcome it. I love facing the hard part,” Baldwin said.

Baldwin does host small business classes for a fee to help others.

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