Eviction of Starkville residents put on hold

Chancery Court Judge Studdard granted a restraining order against Ferretti Property Services, saving low income residents from eviction -for now

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- The Vollor Law Firm is stepping in to prevent some Starkville residents from being kicked out on the street.

Attorney Austin Vollor says he got word from the NAACP and other organizations that Ferretti Property Services plans to evict low-income and minority tenants on Catherine street.

Tuesday, the law firm filed an injunction and held an emergency hearing.

Chancery Court Judge Joe Studdard granted and signed a temporary restraining order against Ferretti Property Services, preventing the Catherine Street apartments resident from being evicted for the time being.

“First and foremost we were worried about the hurricane coming and the storm that people are about to be thrown out on their ear who didn’t have the means and the resources to care for themselves,” said Attorney Austin Vollor. “You’re talking about a lot of people that are disabled and have mental disabilities. Some people have large families. Some are lower-income individuals but to make sure we point this out -they’re all paying their rent.”

The restraining will last eight days.

Ferretti Property Services will have their day in court on September 8th.


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