Video: Extra Police Services Offered

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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) — While the Columbus Police Department is helping local communities set up a neighborhood watch, officers also want residents to know about other services they offer.

Public Relations Officer Rhonda Sanders said residents can sign up for a vacation home watch, where “we have a police officer that goes there every day and check the doors, the windows, we write it down, what we saw, and mail it to you at the end of your vacation.”

Sanders said residents can come to the police department to fill out the form.

CPD will also go to the home of elderly residents and check their homes if no one is available to help.

Sanders said officers will also do welfare checks for elderly residents if family members go out of town.

“Most likely if you need a service or need help in our city, you can call the police department or call 911, we cant get it for you.  If we don’t have it, we’ll find the answer for you.”

Sanders also said the department is changing officer schedules to monthly beats, instead of daily beats.

The the welfare check contact number for the police department is (662) 244-3528.  For all other services, Sanders said to call 911.

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