Fall And Everything Pumpkin Spice


COLUMBUS, Miss.(WCBI) – It’s Fall ya’ll and that means the smell of pumpkins are about to hit the air.

It’s time for businesses all over the area to start breaking out the fall decorations like fall leaves and pumpkins.

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“It’s fantastic, we get Pam spray, we get a rag, we spray them, we wax them down. We try and get them as shiny as possible. That’s just to make sure that they just glistening and pop off the shelf, quite literally. Then we just put them in a decor that is suitable for fall fashion,”said Produce Assistant Manager Cody Daniels.

Of course it wouldn’t be Autumn without pumpkin spice.

“You can make pumpkin spice anything; doughnuts, candles, anything that you can imagine. Pumpkin spice has become a fad, a trend right now that is just unstoppable,”said Daniels.

Sunflower Grocery Store assistant manager John Kemp says once people get past labor day it’s all fall from there.

“We’re starting to get in a lot of our vegetables and green beans. People use a lot of them. Here in the next couple of weeks we’re getting pie shells and all the dessert stuff. The pumpkins are coming next week,”said Kemp.

Nikki and Lucy work at Coffee on 5th, on the Columbus air force base.

They say they can’t wait for fall and neither can their customers.

“I wore orange today because I felt kind of fall like and we were in there looking at the pumpkins so yeah I like fall,”said Nikki Bauer.

“We have pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin spice ice cream it’s already a favorite,”said Lucy Smith.

Kemp says the store will be ready to help everyone with the start of fall.

“We’re going to have plenty of fall stuff for everybody and we’re going to be getting the pumpkins and soon we look forward to seeing everybody,”said Kemp.

Though people flock to pumpkin-flavored coffee. Forbes dot com reports it’s only the third best-selling pumpkin product . Pumpkin pie filling takes the number one slot making nearly 134.8 million dollars in sales each year.