Fans gear up to see the Diamond Dawgs in Omaha


STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – After a late night of baseball, the MSU Diamond Dawgs are heading to Omaha.

The Bulldog faithful are getting ready to hit the road, but the price of going to Omaha is making some fans hesitate, and others get creative.

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MSU fans are trying to find the best way to get to Omaha to support the baseball team, and the MSU Alumni association is doing everything they can to help them plan the trip.

“We’ve had quite a few emails both prior to our victory last night as well as this morning, from hotels and things, so we are working on creating a page, and we will be blasting out to our entire alumni base about options for hotels information on where they can look for tickets, as well as once we finalize event plans,” said Jeff Davis.

With hotel rooms in Omaha averaging around two-hundred dollars a night, many fans are looking for friends to split the cost.

“Four ladies that are rooming together, and we went in 2013 and we did the same thing,” said Audrey McBride. “We drove straight through for thirteen hours it was fabulous, but this time we’re just going to room together.”

But hotels aren’t the only expense.

Tickets range from $25 to around $250 depending on the game.

“I know last time our fans went in 2013, a lot of them were able to find tickets, general admission, through the park the day of. I believe they have those for sale probably as well as online, so I would encourage folks to look on the College World Series website and look for tickets. That’s going to be there best bet,” said Davis.

On the bright side, gas prices aren’t that different for fans making the 817-mile drive.

“We found out that it’s almost twelve to thirteen hours to get there in a car, so we’re trying to see how feasible that is this weekend because I love my dawgs,” said Jack Chope. “We looked at trains but that’s not realistic.”

“We drove last time, and it was fun, but we’re on a time crunch with work and other things, so we’re going to fly this time,” said McBride.

Davis has one thing to say to the fans who will be making the trip.

“Make sure to BYOB, bring your own banana and go dogs,” said Davis.

MSU faces off against Washington this weekend.