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WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI) – Fevers are very scary for new parents, but they are among the most natural things in the world.

Taking an accurate temperature in a very young child, can be a real challenge. Small stickers, known as Fever Bugs can make the process a little more fun, but just how accurate are they?

Your toddler seems sluggish, irritable, and warm.

He could be coming down with something.

Before you break out the baby Tylenol, you’ll need to take his temperature.

Small colorful stickers, known as Fever Bugs could be your first line of defense.

Just slap one his forehead and see if it changes color, but there are some things to keep in mind.

Dr. Byron Watson is a pediatrician who practices in West Point.

He advises, ” They’re not always accurate. Any kind of temporal measurement device, the limitation is, they measure your skin temperature.”

But to really know, if your little guy is in trouble, you need a core temperature.

Dr. Watson says, ” The only way to do that is to get an internal reading. An oral temperature if you are an older child, and if you want, young children especially, if we need something very accurate, the most accurate temperature is a rectal temperature.”

That’s coming straight from the doctor.

And remember, fevers are not the worst things in the world.

Dr. Watson advises, ” In many cases, fevers are just your body’s way of fighting infection, and they are helpful, and they don’t always mean that something is horribly wrong.”

If your child is still behaving normally, even with a temperature of 101, you can just give him a little Tylenol and keep a close eye on him.

Anything higher than that, and he needs to see the doctor.

Fever bugs have their place, but when you could have a serious problem, it’s best to take it seriously.

Dr. Watson concludes, ” It is a little easier to take, because the child is not fearful of it, you can at least get a measurement, and it will give you an idea of what’s going on, but if you really want to know a child’s temperature there are more accurate ways to take it.”

Fever bugs are available a many local pharmacies.

A pack will run you about $3.50.

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