Video: Fire Departments Fight Blaze at Eupora High School

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EUPORA, Miss. (WCBI)– Firefighters from three counties responded to a late Saturday morning blaze leaving one high school in shock.

Eupora Fire Fighters were dispatched around 11:00AM Saturday morning to a fire at Eupora High School.

“When we first got in went ahead and went into this room right here what you see is the break room I believe that they call it. The fire was contained in that room at that time,” says Mitch Jackson.

Even though it only took firefighters about 30 minutes to put out the flames, Eupora Assistant Fore Chief Mitch Jackson called in for backup as a precaution.

“Starkville Fire Department which has been a huge asset to Eupora Fire and Webster County in the past were able to come and assist us with salvaging overhead also to be here in case we had an extension and needed to get more water onto that building,” says Jackson.

The fire destroyed two rooms, but 15 other classrooms will be closed until officials can assess the damages.

Webster County School’s superintendent, Jack Treloar says students will still return to their usual schedule Monday morning.

“We will have school on this campus. Our plans are to move out and possibly into our old Eupora High School,” says Jack Treloar.

As Eupora High School waits for future plans on the damaged rooms, Treloar says it’s another obstacle they will overcome.

“We’re coming up on three year anniversary of the tornado and then today we experienced a fire so I guess whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” says Treloar.

It’s that very strength that several area fore departments displayed as they came together to save the school.

“Crews got here real quick. They hit this fire real quick and knock it out. I mean that’s what these guys live for. That’s what they are here to do and they do a very good job,” says Jackson.

“Through tragedy we know we have people we can depend on and they are certainly true blue and we appreciate them,” says Treloar.

After the Fire Marshall investigates the cause of the blaze, the school will then be able to move forward with renovations.


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