Flash flood watch: Winston County officials prepare for rising water

LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Over the past 24 hours, the city of Louisville has gotten over two inches of rain. Winston County Sheriff Mike Perkins said making sure the people in Winston County are safe is the number one priority.

“When it starts raining hard, our deputies will be out checking our low-lying areas. We know what floods and what roads are in danger, and the deputies will be out looking at those roads, especially at nighttime. People can run up on a flooded area easily at nighttime, and not know it’s flooded. The supervisors, the EMA directors will be out all night if it gets that serious, checking roads, and keeping an eye on everything,” said Perkins.

Perkins said last summer’s flooding prepared them well for this week’s rain.

“The last time gave us a test on which area floods, and what kind of roads are covered. So, we are kind of ahead of the game because we know what to look for and what areas are flooded,” said Perkins.

Louisville Mayor Will Hill had some advice if you have to drive in the flood.

“Keep plenty of space between you and others, and if you do see water over a roadway and it is moving, just do not pass. Do not pass because it is better to be safe than sorry,” said Hill.

Perkins said now is the time to make sure you are stocked up on all your basic necessities so that you do not have to travel in the flood.

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