Flooding in area raises concern to community members of Columbus

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Flooding is a perennial problem in Columbus.

Over the years, some of those problems have been fixed. But others always tend to come bubbling up when the heavy rains come again.

Rising water in Columbus brings rising complaints to the city government and the public works department

I talked to a restaurant owner who says his own experience with flooding makes him want better conditions for the rest of the city.

Just 2 years ago Tampico Bay owner Carlos Rosales expected to go to work and greet his customers but instead, he was greeted with rising water in his restaurant.

Rosales says that just a few years ago rain would flood the area and it would take days to leave.

“This place use to flood all the way to the steps of this restaurant and usually we would have to close for 2 or 3 days to clean out the backside of the restaurant where the water was coming in,” said Rosales.

Instead of serving food, Rosales had to serve his community with something more important, a helping hand.

“The water use to stay right here for 3 sometimes 4 days and people would get stuck in the cars and I would have to help get them out of the car and the water use to come in the vehicle and towing used to come continuously,” said Rosales.

Rosales says that his restaurant does not flood any more thanks to cleaning around the area but he knows some of his neighbors are still struggling with this problem.

Casey Bush Publics Works Director of Columbus says that his job is to keep the city clean of debris like leaves and loose branches in ditches and rights of way – public property – but residents have to do their part too.

“We do not pick up loose leaves and that is one of the problems that we have because some people will just let the leaves lie out in front of their yard.  If you would just get out and take the initiative to rake it up and bag them up. Put it in a bag and my guys will come and pick it up,” said Bush.

Bush says that keeping your yard clean will not only make your house and neighborhood look good, but it will also show that you care about improving the city.

“The love for your neighborhood and they care about whether you want your neighborhood looking good or you don’t want water backing up in your yard or on your street just the little thing that we can do as a homeowner or a concerned citizen of this city,” said Bush.

Bush says that trash other than leaves and loose branches can be taken to the Columbus Rubbish Landfill.

For more information, you can call the City of Columbus Action Center at 662- 329-5147.

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