Food drive in West Point kicks off MLK Day

WEST POINT, Ms (WCBI) – Martin Luther King Jr. day is on Monday and many places in the area are finding ways to celebrate the legacy of the civil rights leader.

The Project Homestead Food Pantry in West Point hosted a food drive in honor of King.

President of the food pantry Jane Scott says the reward of helping those in her community.

” It’s probably the most rewarding thing I have ever done. The people who come through are so grateful. We hear more thank you’s and God bless you are than you can imagine,” said Scott.

Scott sees the importance of having the pantry and that food insecurity is a serious need in Clay County.

“We serve 300 plus families every month and that totals to 600 plus individuals. We also do emergency situations. We help out with the social workers and the advocates for people in the legal system,” said Scott.

Project Homestead works with the Mississippi Food Network in Jackson.

Under that, the Feed America program solicits food and grocery products from national suppliers.

The food pantry is able to work with Walmart and Dollar General to keep their shelves stocked.

Scott says that it takes everyone to work together to have the best outcome and serve the community.

” We have the most wonderful volunteers. We have the most wonderful time. Everyone does something different. Everybody does something and it takes every single one of us doing what we do,” said Scott.

The food drive is just a little part of the program that the college will have on Monday to honor Dr. King Day.

Volunteer James Binder says that Mary Holmes is a place filled with history and testament to giving back to those who were once and are still underserved.

” As far as the food pantry and Martin Luther King it’s good that it brings a lot of people together and give everyone a chance to give something back,” said Binder.

Scott says the pantry is always welcoming food donations and that she invited the whole community to attend Monday’s program.

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