Former West Point football player advances his career to NFL

WEST POINT, Miss (WCBI) – A former West Point football player is taking his athletic career down to New Orleans as he signs on with the Saints.

After high school, Scott Lashley played as an offensive lineman for the University of Alabama and Mississippi State.

Now, almost 6 years into his college career, and a brief break from the sport, Lashley is ready to get his cleats back on the field.

” The experience itself is something like none other,” said Lashley.

Some people know Scott Lashley as a teammate, others know him as a trainer, while some see him as a friend…

now he’s adding NFL player to the list of things he’s known for

His journey to the Superdome was unique. Lashley took a few seasons off after his last game at Mississippi State in 2021 to

focus on himself and working with area athletes to train them for the next level

” Taking time off definitely fueled my fire in the degree to put me back into my journey because I have a very unique upbringing and my path is not traditional and taking a year off and so taking that year off definitely helped me get my mind in a better place to where I was able to go out and kind of venture and take these chances and being successful in them so far,” said Lashley.

Now, as he’s preparing for his rookie year, he hopes to continue and motivate young athletes

and to show them that the journey won’t always be easy

” if anything I would like to get across to them is just resiliency and basically determination. This didn’t happen overnight I didn’t go 3 years in college football. I played 6 years of college football. Took a year off from college football and then I went back to it. Basically, to see as long as you believe in yourself, take risks, keep God first, have a great support system around you, make proper choices, and stay in the right lane, I think anything is achievable,” said Lashley.

Lashley says this new journey will give him the opportunity to soak up knowledge from other professional athletes

and pour that wisdom back into himself and others…

” I definitely have a sponge mentality. Im just going to use that to hone in on myself and hone in on the mental aspect of the game on and off the field,” said Lashley.

Lashley starts training camp next week in New Orleans, so keep an eye out for #61 this coming season.

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