From kindergarten to graduation: Twins celebrate achievement

We first met Sydney and Kimmer Barber on their first day of Kindergarten. Now, they are high school graduates

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) – An hour before graduation twins, Sydney Barber and Kimmer Barber, checked each other’s cap and gown.

Nearby, older brother Batton Barber was ready to lend a hand.

Things haven’t changed much since 2011 when we first met the Barber twins on their first day of kindergarten at Joyner Elementary.

WCBI: “Your first day here, what do you think?”

“Good,” Sydney Barber said in 2011.

That same day, Batton Barber, who was in second grade, was excited for his younger siblings.

“I’m very happy because they’re just growing up,” Batton Barber said.

Through the years, the twins went through Tupelo Public Schools, making many friends, but they were always there for one another.

“I liked having someone to cheat on homework. Having someone to talk to and relate to greatly throughout the years was nice. It was nice,” Kimmer Barber said.

And they relied on their older brother for some sound advice.

“Most of the time learning from mistakes and then telling them what not to do and what you should do, trying to guide them the best way I possibly can try to guide them along the way,” Batton Barber said.

As the twins looked at the story from day one in Kindergarten, they thought about the years gone by.

“I think it has taken a long time, but I’m happy it’s over. But sad I won’t be in the same place as my friends anymore,” Kimmer Barber said.

“I feel like it went by pretty fast. It seems like yesterday we were in middle school, then kindergarten as well,” Sydney Barber said.

And like every milestone, they experienced graduation together.

“I was excited, think more than most people, not that I was ready for it to be over with, but graduation is a beautiful thing.  You close a chapter of life you’ve been doing for so long. It was exciting to be able to sit next to him and watch him do his thing on stage,” Sydney Barber said.

Sydney Barber and Kimmer Barber will enjoy the summer break, then head to ICC, where they will be there for each other, in this new chapter of their lives.

“We trust each other and go to each other when we need each other. Even when we were kids, we had our own little language. It is going to be a lot easier for us in college,” Sydney Barber said.

“I don’t think I could stand having anyone else for a twin except her,” Kimmer Barber said.

Sydney Barber has not decided on a major, but she is interested in psychology. Kimmer Barber wants to pursue a degree in the arts.

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