Fun in the sun as clear skies make for warm week

COLUMBUS – SUMMARY: A huge respite in rain chances allows for mostly sunny skies to brings highs back up into the 80s by Thursday. The sole rain chance of the week presents itself on Sunday, for the chance of some scattered showers. Plentiful sunshine will also serve overnight lows well, bringing nighttime temperatures up into the 60s by Saturday night.

MONDAY: Mostly clear skies present a drastic shift in conditions from the rainy and overcast situation of Easter Sunday. Highs will continue to sit in the low 60s, with overnight lows in the mid 40s. No rain is expected Monday.

TUESDAY: Tuesday, like Monday, will consist of mostly clear skies accompanied by mild temperatures in the low 60s. The warming trend has not yet begun its trek upwards, although lows see a noticeable improvement into the upper 40s overnight. No rain is expected Tuesday.
REST OF THE WEEK: Temperatures will really make big gains starting Wednesday, first jumping into the low 70s then and up into the 80s by Thursday. Warming will be aided by mostly clear to partly cloudy skies, a trend which will remain through the end of the week. Lows will also continue to improve, albeit more slowly, into the 60s by overnight Saturday. The sole rain chance of the week will be present Sunday in the form of some scattered showers.
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