Garbage collection prices to increase in Noxubee County

Supervisors approved on a three to two vote

NOXUBEE COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – Some people would call it a stinky situation. It’s an increase that is happening to several counties in the area for necessary services and Noxubee County is the next one on the list.

Supervisors approved on a three to two vote.

District 2 Supervisor Landis Mickens said rates will increase for the county garbage collection company, Waste Pro.

“Our price right now we are being charged $15.91 from Waste Pro but we were only charging the customers $15 per month. Which is now being raised to $17.01 by Waste Pro and we decided to raise our customers to $18.01 per month,” Mickens said.

Currently, the county covers $0.91 of each person’s garbage bill in Noxubee County and this is a cost they are no longer able to absorb.

“It adds up to $0.91 is a lot. Especially when your pick-up is about a little over 2,600 cans,” Mickens said.

According to Noxubee County Supervisors, Waste Pro said these changes are because of the Consumer price index.

District 5 Supervisor Bruce Brooks said this is an issue the board has been discussing over the last year.

“Waste Pro has sent us a notice letting us know the price is going to increase due to everything going up. Fuel cost, and labor. Trucks and vehicles break down and all of that has changed the price of everything,” Brooks said.

Brooks voted against the collection increase.

While he understands the board’s decision, Brooks said it is important that all citizen’s costs are counted.

“We need to take other actions to bring our collection up because we have a lot of people out here that have two garbage cans and are only paying for one so let’s find a way to reduce and raise our revenue to match our expenditures,” Brooks said.

Brooks said the increase can have a big effect on their lower-income community.

“Because Noxubee County is a low-income community we have a lot of people who are struggling. Most of my senior citizens are on a fixed income. And they call with the complaint that we do the best we can to pay our bills what are you guys gonna do about those who are not paying their bills,” Brooks said.

The increase will start on January 1, 2024.

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