Gov Tate Reeves: Threat of COVID-19 and its impacts not over yet

The state of Mississippi continues down the road of a health and economic crisis.

Governor Reeves telling Mississippians the threat of the virus and its impacts are not over.

The governor warned people Wednesday in his briefing that it was not time to go back to what we’d call day to day life.

He asked families to stay home if possible, and when going out to places like the grocery store — only one family member needed to go.

Governor Reeves said the goal of the state’s approach in fighting the coronavirus was to not overwhelm the state’s healthcare system in which he feels the state has been successful.

Starting Thursday, more businesses will open up and the governor said Mississippians need to keep their personal safety in mind.

“We’re moving to remove government decision making for individuals. That does not remove individual responsibility to act appropriately knowing there is still a virus throughout many areas in Mississippi. We want to give people the ability to open their smalls businesses to rehire people,” said Reeves.

The governor also extended the state tax deadline to July 15 for Mississippians.

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