Gradual temperature increase

COLUMBUS, Mississippi (WCBI) – Temperatures took a big drop over the weekend, especially Saturday! This will be a recovery week, as the temperatures climb their way back into the lower 70s mid-week.

MONDAY NIGHT: A mostly clear sky will allow temperatures tonight to fall steadily towards freezing. Some of our viewing area cities may even fall below freezing!

TUES/WED: Temperatures on the rise! Tuesday, we will work our way through the 60s. By Wednesday, high temps will be back in the upper 60s to lower 70s. Middle of the week will begin the process to fill in a few extra clouds. This will have overnight temperatures more mild, in the lower 50s.


THURSDAY: Building in the cloud coverage even heavier. High temperatures will maintain in the lower 70s. By the afternoon, cloud coverage will be nearly overcast. The rain chance will also pick up during the afternoon and evening time period. Mild overnight temperatures, again in the lower 50s.

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