Green Cup District: How some local businesses are taking part

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – It’s been almost a month since the Green Cup District went into effect in the downtown area of Columbus meaning citizens can sip and stroll through the city with an alcoholic beverage in their cup.

Those participating said it hasn’t changed much as far as alcohol sales go.

Ryan Munson with Munson and Brothers said this was anticipated, but he had other goals for the Green Cup district that he hopes to see fulfilled starting this week.

“Since it’s happened, we might have given 10 to 20 patrons a green cup to go,” Munson said. “We have Oktoberfest coming up this weekend, it’s our biggest event of the year. We’re going to have a beer run, we’re going to have arts and crafts vendors. That green cup is going to allow me to not have to pull a bunch of permits and for folks to enjoy the festivities without having to worry about my patrons.”

General Manager at Zachary’s Dow Ford said he feels like the use of the Green Cup will grow and be good for the city.

“The way it was implemented and the way it’s being handled takes care of what people might have considered to be problems in the beginning like trash on the streets and potential crime caused by people drinking out there,” Ford said.

Ford expects to share many customers this weekend throughout the downtown area

“This market and this activity would appeal to people maybe taking a green cup from Zachary’s and walking down to Munson and brothers,” Ford said.

Both Ford and Munson foresee a lot better to come in the future, especially with upcoming events downtown.

“I believe that as we get into nice weather, well probably see a little more activity with the green cups,” Ford said.

“I would love to see more of us business owners being creative and coming up with creative ways to utilize it and bring more people downtown and show this community that we’re fun, and we have a lot of artistic great people here,” Munson said.

With Oktoberfest starting tomorrow and the art walk in the coming weeks, both Ford and Munson foresee more citizens taking advantage of the Green Cup District.

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