Gym Owners Defy Governor’s Latest Executive Order & Open up

PONTOTOC, Miss. (WCBI) – A Northeast Mississippi gym opens in spite of the Governor’s latest executive order.

Just hours after the governor’s latest order, the owners of 300 Fitness in Pontotoc made a Facebook post promising the gym would be open Monday morning.

On Monday morning, members showed up at the gym to work out, and local police also paid a visit.

“Enough is Enough,” said Wesley Bray.

That’s how Wesley Bray and his business partner Ryan Bramlett feel about the latest executive order that stated gyms still could not open. Bray and Bramlett knew they were defying the governor’s order, and were not surprised when the police showed up and issued a citation.

“Basically local law enforcement told us they would be looking to come in, and everybody clear the building, even if we’re open or not, so at this point it’s something we are trying to weigh, even though we can stay open, we can’t keep local law enforcement out , can’t keep them from asking members to leave,” Bray said.

Pontotoc Police Chief Randy Tutor says he knows how local businesses have been impacted by the executive orders  however he says it is his duty to enforce the law.

“I am really concerned with the plight of our small businesses, but we can’t pick and choose what laws we enforce, when things change and get back to normal, we will go from there, but right now I have to go with letter of the law,” Chief Tutor said.

Both Bray and Bramlett say they understand the chief’s position, but they also feel it’s important to send a message.

“If you are at home going broke, don’t just sit there, get out and do what you got to do to provide for you and your family,” Bramlett said.

The owners of 300 Fitness have generated a lot of response because of the stand they are taking. They are hoping other small business owners will take similar action.

In the meantime, police say they will continue enforcing the laws.

The gym owners are charged with violating an executive order. The charge is a misdemeanor and will go through city court.

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