High tech help: How technology helps emergency response

LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – As the public becomes reliant on technology, the way we receive important information has evolved dramatically.

Cindy Lawrence from the Lowndes County Emergency Management Agency emphasizes the importance of staying connected and informed, especially when it comes to emergency alerts.

“Don’t wait and listen for a tornado siren to tell you there’s a tornado in the air. Because something could happen. Winds could come in and damage the siren and never hear it. So, we just tell people to try to download an app. As I say, 95% of the people now have a cell phone in their hand. Download an app,” said Lawrence.

Lawrence urged the public to take advantage of life-saving technology at their fingertips.

“Technology has changed so much with the cellphone. If you download some of the apps, especially like that Life360, you can locate your person. You can follow them wherever they go. Every time they move, you’re watching them at every location. Something happens, and you have a crash. You have an accident. It’s all of Life 360,” said Lawrence.

Some people like to go off the grid, turn their location off, silence all notifications, and leave their phones on Do Not Disturb.

Lawrence said in an emergency, you will want to be found.

“You’ll want someone to know where you are. You’ll want someone to come help you, especially if it’s a car accident or you know, you’re at home and you fall. You’re at home by yourself, you need help. How can you get help? Even if you call us and you have turned your location off, then we don’t know where you are. So, we tell people to please use those safety features on their phone, keep your location on at all times, keep your notifications on at all times,” said Lawrence.

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