Houston High School Seniors ready to perform end of year play

Proceeds from the play go back into the school's drama department

HOUSTON, MISS. (WCBI) – Seniors at Houston High School have not only been preparing for graduation but have also been busy rehearsing for an end-of-the-year play.

“Every year the senior play goes on I’ve always came and watched, and I’m like ‘yeah man, I can’t wait until I’m a senior and it’s my turn,” said Trinity Buggs, who is part of the class of 2022 at Houston High School, and it is her time to be in the spotlight with the senior end of year play.  This year’s play is called “Don’t Touch That Dial” and Buggs plays Max, a production assistant, who helps a brother and sister team navigate their new reality after they get sucked into well-known television shows all because they were fighting over the remote control.

More than thirty casts and crew have been working hard since January, and that has been a challenge, because most seniors have part time jobs, and are planning for life after high school.  Still, cast members say they are glad to be able to stage this production for the community.

“I like to keep with the tradition and also be, someone to look up to, for young students to keep the tradition as well,” said Payton Dotson, who plays Charlie.

“With covid and everything, it’s been a long time since anyone has been able to come and sit in an audience and enjoy a show so I hope everyone comes and thinks it’s funny and gets so much entertainment and goes home with a smile on their face,” said Malana Shettles, who plays Sally.

The senior play at Houston High School was a tradition for many years, then it stopped but was brought back a few years ago.  Seniors in the cast and crew of “Don’t Touch That Dial” hope it’s a tradition that continues for many years to come.

Proceeds from ticket sales go back into the school’s drama department.

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