HSFT19 Stop #26 — Pickens County Tornados


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HEAD COACH: Michael Williams
Aug 23 Marengo Home
Aug 30 OPEN
Sept 6 Brilliant* Home
Sept 13 Lynn* Away
Sept 20 Marion County* Away
Sept 27 Aliceville Home
Oct 3 South Lamar* Home
Oct 11 Meek* Away
Oct 18 Berry Fayette* Home
Oct 25

Oct 31 Gordo Away
*District games

REFORM, Al. (WCBI) —The Pickens County Tornados enter the season with one goal in mind.

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“We’re gonna make it to state,” said senior quarterback Aljaron Edwards. “I’m expecting us to make it, but we’re going to make it to state. I feel we are mentally and physically better than we were last year, and we have a chance to win it all.”

“This group it will basically be our last year,” said senior defensive end and offensive tackle Jahmarien Latham. “We have a lot of big time players. A lot of veteran players we’ll need to step up this year. Basically, we have the same mindset. Try to come in and win a state championship.”

“This year we just have to stay motivated,” said senior athlete TaDarien McIntosh. “Play as a team. I just have to step up and be a leader. That’s it.”

This is a group that’s played together for years developing a tight chemistry led by quarterback Aljaron Edwards.

“It helps because he knows all the plays and knows the wide receivers so he can throw it right on the money to our wide receivers,” said junior linebacker and running back K.J. Byrd. “They can make plays for us.”

“We already have us a chemistry. We have a feel for how we can control each other. Basically, it’s like a brotherhood with us,” said Edwards.

“One thing about this team, we have a lot of guys who want to go play college ball. They know the expectations. They have expectations of themselves and how they should play or how they should lead the team. Everybody knows what we should be doing,” said Latham.

“It helps us real good. We know each other move every time so it’s good,” said McIntosh.

The team leaders feel they have learned a valuable lesson heading into the new season.

“We can’t get the big head. We can’t underestimate one team. Every team is the same so we have to play it just like we play the other games,” said Edwards.

“You got to keep a level head. You can’t take no opponent lightly. I think that’s what we did in the 4th round. We went up there and had the big head and just thought we were going to get the win but the outcome was different. This year, we’re going to come in and remain humble with every team that we play,” said Latham.

For a senior class that’s come so close to a state championship, a title would be the perfect way to ride out.

“That would mean everything to me. Being the quarterback for 3 years, it would mean a lot. Getting there my first year losing. Then losing in the 4th round last year. It would be a big thing for me to get it this year,” said Edwards.

“Man, it would mean the world to me man. Just making everybody proud and bringing it back to Reform, Alabama,” said McIntosh.