Hundreds stand in line at Mossy Oak to get limited edition turkey vest

WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI) – Turkey hunters from all over came to the Mossy Oak Outlet in West Point hunting for one thing.

Mossy Oak announced last month they would be releasing a limited edition, numbered 1944 turkey vest in honor of founder Toxey Haas’ father, Mr. Fox.

Hundreds of people camped out and stood in line to get their hands on one.

Tate Cochran and Grace Allgood drove almost three hours to get their hands on the Mr. Fox turkey vest.

Camping outside of Mossy Oak since about 4:30 Friday afternoon they said it was worth every minute.

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime vest. It’s just worth the wait. We would have sat out there for two days if we had to. You just have to be there,” said Cochran.

The vest has been in the works for nearly three years.

Founder of Mossy Oak, Toxey Haas grew up hunting with his dad and said this is just one way to honor the man who taught him everything.

“He was my best friend and still is at 92 years old and he’d always say, and it’s always stuck with me because he’d tell my momma ‘hey I’m going to take my best hunting buddy and go hunting this weekend’,” said Toxey Haas.

Fox Haas killed his first turkey in the spring of 1944. Almost 80 years later since his first kill, his work as a gamekeeper and preserving the land has inspired many around the country.

“There is something about him that makes people proud to be a hunter but also instills in them a sense of responsibility to take care of the wildlife too,” said Toxey Haas.

Recently, one of the vests along with custom turkey calls was auctioned off for more than $30,000.

All the money went to the National Wild Turkey Federation and Wildlife Preservation.

Toxey Haas said one of his father’s favorite sayings talked about the lasting effects of conserving the land.

“‘The good that men do will live long after they’re gone’ and he’s talking about when you plant trees when you improve the land and find ways to improve the land and make it better for everyone else, ” said Toxey Haas.

Now, happy hunters like Cochran and Allgood will wear this vest and continue to carry on the living legacy of Mr. Fox, but first, some of their customers have other plans.

“We plan to go home and actually sleep.”

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