Hundreds visit Louisville for the 41st annual Red Hills festival

LOUISVILLE. Miss. (WCBI)- Hundreds filled the streets of Louisville Saturday afternoon for the 41st annual Red Hills Festival.

Food trucks, vendors, and a car show were set up downtown.

Citizens in the area said it’s a great way to meet neighbors in the community and celebrate your town.

Festivities kicked off with a 5K run Saturday morning.

The traditional event features a wide selection of activities for families like live music, carnival rides, and home décor.

And it’s not just about buying merchandise from vendors.

“We are a small community and everybody knows everybody and everybody gets along and we have a good time when we get together and I enjoy it,” said Shoens.

People like Jake Shoens and Kineta Sherrod say this serves as an opportunity to support the youth in Louisville.

“There ain’t much to do around here and we all grew up here and we are trying to have something fun for the kids to do and save the parents some money while we do it,” said Shoens.

“People come by and support the kids here in Winston county and we appreciate it,” said Sherrod.

Red Hills Festival can also help local businesses rack in extra revenue.

For most owners, the rewarding part of the job is meeting new customers and connecting with a few old ones.

“For sure it’s my favorite part of my job. meeting people and talking to them and learning more about them so I love getting out like this and talking to people,” said Townsend.

Megan Townsend owns Modish BOHO Boutique.

She’s grateful for events like these to promote her brand and network.

Festival-goers, like Townsend, says it doesn’t matter if you’re a native of Louisville or not, when you cross into city limits it feels like home.

“I have seen a lot of people this morning that are not locally from here like pearl and Starkville and surrounding areas so it like it kind of brings in more to our area downtown and helps us grow. Its one big family getting together it feels like,” said Townsend.

The festival wrapped up around 4 p.m.

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