Hurricane Hunters say no storm is too dangerous to track

JACKSON, Miss. (WCBI) – Hurricane season is less than a month away, and our WCBI meteorologists are closely monitoring the Hurricane Center’s latest updates and predictions for the upcoming season.

An active season leaves Hurricane Hunters in a whirlwind of work.

The data they collect arms meteorologists with the information they need to predict a hurricane’s path, warning our viewers to stay out of harm’s way.

Hurricane Hunter, Nick Underwood, emphasized that no storm is too dangerous for his team when lives are on the line.

“There is no storm too dangerous for us. We’ll fly anything from an open tropical wave to a Category 5 hurricane. No matter how large a storm is, no matter strong the winds are, we need to fly into that storm to collect the data so that the forecasters at the National Hurricane Center have the most accurate and most updated information to forecast where that storm’s gonna go and how strong it’s gonna be when it gets there,” said Underwood.

NOAA has never lost a plane in the wake of a hurricane in almost 60 years of service.

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