Icy Roads Impact Access to Medications in Okolona

OKOLONA, Miss. – Pharmacies like the one in Okolona are slowly running out of medicine. The owner says she hasn’t seen a supply truck since last week.

Amira Smith owns the Okolona Pharmacy.

She says medications are running low for some customers who need them the most.

“Especially since we have been under this weather advisory for a week, those who have been trying to prepare are running out of medications that are life-saving. From insulin, heart medications, and things like that they’ll have to have to stay alive so we have to be here.”

Not only are patients running out of medications, but the pharmacy itself is facing shortages, making it difficult to meet the growing demand.

“We are supposed to have a drug supply every day, so we don’t usually keep a lot of expensive medications in stock a large amount. We have not gotten an order since last Friday, so we are running low. We’re having to ration out some medications to get them through so we can help more than one customer instead of giving all of the medication to one; we’re trying to spread it out a little bit.”

The pharmacy is even partnering with law enforcement to make sure their customers have the medication they need. 

“We have been able to deliver to some of these people. We’re working with the police department, and we’re also trying to deliver to some. Most people have been able to come, or if they haven’t, we’ve been trying to deliver to them.”

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