Improvement project discussions continue in Columbus

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- City leaders in Columbus are continuing discussions on a number of improvement projects.

The city council held a work session Thursday morning.

They discussed a number of topics – including funding for Propst parks, paving streets and sidewalks, and exploring different proposals for waste management.

Mayor Keith Gaskin says he and city leaders will look into the waste plans at the next meeting because the current contract ends in September.

“There’s a time frame in there where you would need to make the adjustments if it’s a new company to be able to gear up and do the work,” said Mayor Gaskin. “The big question with that is will we go to a once-a-week pickup to be able to keep the rates down and whether we’ll go with a company that has a side arm on the trucks that actually pick up the trash. So, those were the big discussions today.”

The next session to discuss waste pickup will be on June 6th.

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