Information for Amory citizens who have debris in need of removal

If you have any questions, contact the Mayor’s office at (662)256-5721 (option 2).

AMORY, Miss. (PRESS RELEASE) – Looks Great Services is the company that has been servicing the area with debris pickup since the devastating storm in March. They will be coming back to service citizens one last time on the dates of December 11 through December 15, 2023.

After this date, removal of vegetative debris and construction debris will not be performed by Looks Great Services. Any construction debris will need to be disposed of by the contractor on site.

If you have vegetative debris (tree branches, leaves, logs, plants, etc.) or construction debris (building materials, drywall, lumber, carpet, etc.) please place that out for the Looks Great Services trucks (big black trailers) to pick up. Call (662)256-5721 (option 2) to make sure that you are on a list for pickup for Looks Great Services.

Any sort of appliance pickup or furniture pickup should be separated out for the City of Amory pickup. In order to make sure your appliance or furniture pickup occurs, please make sure you call (662)256-5721 (option 4).

Any household garbage (bagged garbage, discarded food, paper, packaging, etc.) should be placed out as you normally would for Monroe County Solid Waste Management.

Hazardous waste (oil, batteries, pesticide, paint, etc.) or electronics (televisions, computers, etc.) should not be placed out for pickup. Call Monroe County Solid Waste Management to see what the options are for disposal. (662)369-6654.

If you have any questions, contact the Mayor’s office at (662)256-5721 (option 2).

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