Interlocal agreement in Shuqualak provides law enforcement protection

NOXUBEE COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – The Noxubee County town of Shuqualak will now have a dedicated law enforcement presence again.

County and town leaders have entered into an interlocal agreement that will allow the Sheriff’s Office to officially answer calls in Shuqualak town limits and will enable a deputy to serve as Town Marshal.

The agreement will help Shuqualak and Noxubee County better keep the peace, and it’s also bringing in a new era for law enforcement in the small town.

Tina Williams was sworn in as Shuqualak’s town marshal.

It’s a new chapter for her and the town.

“Oh, it feels great. I’m the first town marshal, a female town marshal and I’m happy,” said Williams.

As Town Marshal, Williams will be responsible for responding to emergency calls in Shuqualak’s town limits.

Mayor, Dr. Velma Jenkins says the move makes good sense for residents in the small town.

“The board’s and my decisions are always rooted in what’s best for all of the citizens and this was just the best move to provide good coverage for all of the citizens policing because we were not financially able to do so,” said Mayor Jenkins.

While the Noxubee County Sheriff’s office has been answering calls in Shuqualak since 2020, this gives the two a formal legal agreement.

Noxubee County Sheriff Tommy Roby says it will also pay for the deputies’ time.

“Along with the agreement, like I said they are paying the county some money and we get to use all of their equipment,” said Roby.

Even though it took a while to work out the agreement, Mayor Jenkins says it was worth it knowing that her town will get the protection they need.

“It makes us feel wonderful. The board and I are really pleased that our supervisors work with us our lawyer worked with us, and the county lawyer. It’s been a joint effort of all of us and we are just grateful, ” said Jenkins.

As the new town marshal, Williams says she and other deputies are committed to keeping Shuqualak safe.

“We plan to let the citizens know that we are here for them. Like I said, I’ll be here 24/7, or well I’m not going to make it 24/7 but we will be here somebody will be here to answer any questions. We will make sure that the citizens are safe in the town of Shuqualak. I know I’ve got to get some work done in Shuqualak so that’s what we’re about to do,” said Williams.

The agreement will go into effect immediately

If anyone has any questions they can reach out to Marshal Williams

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