It’s All About the Middle Name in Itawamba County Race

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ITAWAMBA COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) –On Tuesday voters head to the polls for the Democratic and Republican primaries for statewide and local offices.

And in one race in Itawamba County it’s all about the middle names.

Democratic voters gathered on the lawn of the Itawamba County courthouse for a candidates forum.

It gave them the chance to hear from Democrats who face primary challengers on Tuesday.

The race for Itawamba County tax collector has special interest because Debbie Johnson is running against Debbie Johnson.

That’s right two women with the same name want the same job. In fact the two used to work with each other for twelve years.

One of them is Debbie Thomas Johnson.

“People would call and want to talk to Debbie Johnson and we would say which one?, ” she says “And then they would say the dark hair or the light headed one or the old one or the young one. It was a big joke and we had a lot of fun.”

“I guess we’ve always been friends,” says opponent Debbie Ann Johnson. “I mean we’re not out hear hugging each others necks right now obviously but I came out the very first day of qualifying she came out the very last day of qualifying.

When both Debbie Johnsons entered this race, they realized that they would have to accentuate the middle name. That’s why when you look at their yard signs, they definitely have Ann and Thomas very much in big letters.

And actually Thomas is not really her middle name, It’s Sue. ” There’s a lot more know me as Thomas than Sue,” she says. “Thomas Is my maiden name.

“I’ve been Debbie Ann Johnson in the office for years and years and years because when she worked in there she was Debbie Sue and I was Debbie Ann. I did anticipate that she might come out so yeah I did go ahead and put the Ann on there.”

The two Debbie Johnsons are running because current tax collector Aron Loden is running for State Representative. He is amazed that two people with the same first and last names want to replace him.

“What are the odds of that ever happening in a small county like this?” he notes.
“Both are fine people. I have nothing to say as far as taking sides I wish them the best. They’re both fine ladies,” Loden notes.

One thing is certain about Tuesday’s primary, someone named Debbie Johnson will be the Democratic nominee for Itawamba County Tax Collector.

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