Jack’s restaurant makes donation to support homeless community

WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI) – A restaurant chain known for its burgers and chicken is also getting a reputation for its giving. When most people think about Jack’s, the first thing that comes to mind may be burgers and chicken tenders.

But the fast food favorite also works to be a good corporate neighbor.

“Mats for Mission works with homeless communities primarily in the Florida panhandle and also with other communities throughout the United States,” Billie Jo Waara, Chief Marketing Officer for Jack’s.

Employees at the West Point Jack’s have been collecting donations to help those in need with everyday necessities.

“We are working with them to provide what we call blessing bags which is asking for donations to provide toothpaste to provide other essential items like socks or deodorant for someone who does not have a home while they are looking for that permanent place,” said Waara.

Not only does Jack’s provide the daily essentials. The restaurant also provides the homeless with canned goods and a better way to sleep.

“We are also seeking food donations and our team is working on recycling plastic bags and transforming them into a dry warm space for homeless individuals to sleep on during the night,” said Waara.

The company strives to provide assistance for anyone who needs help.

“We think one of the best ways to show leadership and to support those in need is to show support and to offer goodwill. So, just as you would reach out to a neighbor in need, that’s what we feel is just important to do as a business and as a restaurant in every community that we serve,” said Waara.

The donations will be sorted, bagged, and passed out to those in need during Jack’s annual convention.

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