‘Jala’s Journey’: Pontotoc woman’s recovery from ATV accident

Now, five months later Jala is making big strides in her recovery process

PONTOTOC, Miss. (WCBI) – It’s been nearly five months since a Pontotoc woman’s life completely changed.

21-year-old Jala Ross was in a serious ATV accident that left her in a coma and suffering from a stroke and a brain injury.

WCBI sat down for an exclusive interview with Jala and her family.

It’s a night that Jala Ross’s family will always remember.

Her mom, Jessica Jenkins, said she can still recall the exact time she received the news.

“I answered it and there was a lady on the phone she said is this Jala’s mom I said it was and she said that she had been in an ATV accident I said okay and in the process of her telling me I heard the chopper coming over,” Jessica Jenkins said.

While Ross was still alive, she suffered a stroke and brain injury that resulted in a month-long coma.

“Well the one I can’t walk really, by myself, and that’s a little discouraging and my thought is…,” Ross said.

Now, five months later Ross was making big strides in her recovery process with her family and community support behind her.

“It just makes me want to cry. I don’t deserve it,” Ross said.

“The community, friends, family it’s just been very overwhelming the amount of love and support. businesses have stepped up. People that we didn’t even know have gone over and beyond,” Jessica Jenkins said.

Her sisters, Molly and Kiley Jenkins, said the accident has brought the trio closer and has strengthened their faith.

“We are very very blessed and thankful for sure,” Molly Jenkins said.

“It’s amazing having her at first we were like- whenever my mom called me at first we didn’t know if she was going to make it and it’s just amazing how it works,” Kiley Jenkins said.

The family said their new normal is a daily adjustment, but they are excited for Jala to get back to the things she loves most.

“I just hope to share her story and share where God has brought us and brought her and her to get back to what she enjoys doing and just to her getting to be independent again because she is very independent and enjoys doing things and I know she misses that,” Jessica Jenkins said.

“Just pray about it because I feel like God will just show it to you and help you get through it,” Ross said.

Jala continues to go to physical therapy to regain her mobility. You can keep up with her recovery process on JALA’S JOURNEY

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