Judicial Candidates re-evaluate their campaign before the runoff

WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI) – Voters went to the polls yesterday, but even after all the votes were counted, not all of the races have been decided.

Candidates in a couple of races find themselves facing run-offs.

Trina Davidson Brooks and Michelle Easterling are two of those hopefuls.

They’re running for the Place 3 judge’s seat in the 16th Judicial District Circuit Court.

When it comes to voting, every Candidate walks into their campaign with a strategy, but when the first round doesn’t decide the race, they find that it’s time to re-evaluate that strategy to get across the finish line.

On Tuesday, over 30 thousand people cast their votes and let their voices be heard.

Some candidates won, some lost, but others are still anxiously waiting.

In the 16th Judicial District Circuit Court, The Place 3 spot on the bench is still up for grabs.

Candidate, Trina Davidson Brooks says Tuesday was tough but also rewarding.

“Yesterday was exciting amazing and stressful all at the same time. We ran a great campaign and I was able to visit some of the precincts yesterday, visit people in the community, and saw a lot of people before they voted and after they voted so yesterday was amazing,” said Brooks.

Trina Davidson Brooks and Michelle Easterling now find themselves working to get the vote out – again.

Brooks says she was thankful for those supporters who got her to the run-off, and she wants to continue proving why she deserves the job.

“I’m still going to get out in the community and let them know what my platform is and let them know what my vision is and just encourage and motivate people to elect a judge who has a vision and elect a judge who has the right experience to be circuit court judge and elect a judge you can trust,” said Brooks.

Michelle Easterling, Davidson’s opponent says she doesn’t plan on changing anything about her campaign and she hopes her supporters will continue their support.

“The importance is to get out and meet people and let them see what you’re about and what you care about and also what is most important is to listen to what they care about and what concerns them. I believe that my strategy is to do just that. I think that’s successful and I think people turned out to make their voice heard,” said Easterling.

Easterling says she’s thankful for getting through the first round, and she plans to keep up the pace, and she is encouraging people to vote at the end of November.

“That’s what I’m going to do I’m going to get out and work just as hard and keep giving my same message and asking people to please get behind me,” said Easterling.

That run-off will be held Tuesday, November 29th at your regular polling places.


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