Video: Labor Day Murders Part 1: Recap of the Case

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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) — It’s been almost 25 years since Starkville was shaken up by a double homicide.

Ms. Kathryn Crigler and Ms. Betty Jones were brutally murdered inside Ms. Crigler’s home on Labor Day 1990.

The case has never been solved, but some new technology is getting detectives closer.

It was between 8 and 10 p.m. on September 3rd 1990, when a knock at this door sealed the fate of 81-year old Kathyrn Crigler and 65- year old Betty Jones, creating a mystery that has never been solved.

” She was was actually in preparations for bed, and she had been sitting in her wheel chair, Betty was getting her ready , and then the knock on the door, then Betty went to the door,” says Sergeant Bill Lott.

Ms. Crigler says at first it sounded like Betty knew the man at the door, but then …

” She hears Betty screaming and hollers out to her, and then, the next thing Ms. Crigler knows, here comes the guy into the room,” says Sergeant Lott.

And when the assault was over, Ms. Crigler had to drag herself into the kitchen to get help.

“She couldn’t reach the phone, so she pulled it down by the cord and called 911,” says Sergeant Lott.

At the hospital, a rape kid was done on Ms. Crigler, providing priceless information, DNA evidence.

She lived for 2 more months, and was able to give a detailed description of her attacker. And as the years have gone by, that vital information has progressed with the times.

Each sketch brought in leads.

Even though the evidence piles up, the killer is still free, but with changing technology and a steady stream of tips. Sergeant Lott hopes he won’t be on the streets for much longer.

“If I was him, I’d go ahead and turn myself in, because eventually, we’re gonna hit the right thing, it’s just a matter of time,” says Lott.

Sergeant Lott says it’s crucial that the public stay up to date in the case , and that anyone who may know something about that night, even if it seems irrelevant comes forward, so Ms. Crigler and Ms. Jones can finally have justice.

Sunday night at 10 we’ll hear from Ms. Jones’ sister and learn more about her life, and Monday at 6 we’ll learn more about new technology that is heating up this cold case.

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