Laid-off father hands out resumes on the side of the road

Laid-off dad hands out resumes on roadside

A struggling father from Phoenix, Arizona was desperate to find a job after getting laid off last month — so he took to the streets. Now, Patrick Hoagland has received hundreds of offer letters and nailed a new gig. 

Hoagland, 30, stood on the side of the road last week with a simple sign asking people to take one of his resumes, explaining he had recently been laid off. The temperature in Phoenix was around 110 degrees that day

Melissa DiGianfilippo captured the creative marketing scheme on Twitter and Facebook last week. 

“I was driving down Camelback Rd in Phx near my office and saw this guy on the side of the road with a smile in 110-degree heat, with a sign asking people to take his resume,” she tweeted. “I love that he was not asking for a handout, just for people to consider him for a job.” 

DiGianfilippo also took a copy of his resume. Among his objectives? “To provide a better life for my family” and “Have a positive impact on people and things around me.” 

Getting laid off “caught me by surprise,” Hoagland told CBS affiliate KPHO. “And after that, I had some other stresses in life going on, and I really needed to get a job, so I chose to stand on the corner with a sign.” 

After DiGianfilippo shared his efforts on social media, Hoagland says he received hundreds of job offers within just a few days. 

“It was crazy. It was hard to navigate my phone for a little bit, but I received so many great offers,” Hoagland told the station. “I received offers from companies that wouldn’t hire you without experience, but because they saw my determination, they offered me a position without even an interview.”

Hoagland ultimately took a full-time job with a concrete-grinding company. He’s already started his new position. 

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