Lamar County encourages the community to come to 1st year festival

LAMAR COUNTY (WCBI) – Sometimes when you grow up in a small town it seems like there’s not much to do.

But in Lamar County, Millport is trying to change that.

The 3 creek festival starts tonight and vendors and residents are preparing for this weekend’s festivities.

Until recently, in Millport, Alabama the biggest event the community looked forward to was football games on Friday nights.

But now the town is branching out, hosting events like the 3 creek festival.

This is the first year for the event, which was previously known as the spring market street festival.

Benjamin Gerhart, president of the festival says the vision is to have something bigger, and something that better represents Millport.

“this year we wanted to shoot bigger and rebrand it and do our own thing Christina our vice president actually did a lot of research and founded around 3 creek so we decided to name it the 3 creek festival and try to go big and make it a two-day festival and instead of a one-day festival and make it a concert. This is an event for the community to bring people together and support the local businesses and for quality of life for the residents and it’s just a good thing to do,” said Gerhart

The vice president of Millport’s chamber of commerce, says they also want to show off the town to their neighbors.

“I think it’s important because it brings the community together. we have people that come near and far to come out when we do this twice a year and it gives people something to do on the weekends,” said Higginbotham.

A way to help the community grow. the 3 creek festival will be on April 1 and 2nd.

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