Lane Kiffin/Ole Miss contract details:



Ole Miss provided the full details of Lane Kiffin’s new contract:

Term: January 1, 2022 December 31, 2025

Total base compensation:
2022 $7,250,000
2023 $7,350,000
2024 $7,450,000
2025 $7,550,000

Other Terms and Conditions:

Both the assistant coach salary pool and the football support staff salary pool will remain in the
top half (7th or above) of the league average and the support staff salary pool will be set at a
minimum of $3.5 million

Annual Incentive Awards:
$150,000 for each win against an SEC opponent, starting with the fifth SEC win of the
regular season
Regularseason victory against a nonconference, Power 5 opponent: $100,000 per win
Participation in SEC Championship game: $150,000; OR Win SEC Championship game:
Participation in the Birmingham Bowl or Independence Bowl game, or their successors:
Participation in a Group of Six SEC bowl games (Taxslayer, Outback, Belk, Music City,
Texas, Liberty), or their successors: $100,000
Participation in the Citrus Bowl, or its successor: $125,000
Participation in any College Football Playoff (“CFP”) Access Bowl Game (Sugar, Rose,
Orange, Cotton, Fiesta, Peach) that is not a CFP semifinal game: $250,000
Participation in CFP Semifinal Game: $500,000; OR Advance to National
Championship Game: $750,000; OR Win National Championship Game:
Coach of the Year Awards: $50,000 for SEC Coach of the Year; and $100,000 for National
Coach of the Year
Academic Incentives: Single year APR of 950974: $100,000 OR Single year APR of 975
or above: $150,000

Payment for Annual Season Tickets Sold (Maximum $200,000)
Season tickets sold above 30,000 $50,000
Season tickets sold above 35,000 $50,000
Season tickets sold above 37,500 $50,000
Season tickets sold above 40,000 $50,000

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